Transformers 2007 Movie Premium Leader Class Megatron

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Transformers 2007 Movie Premium Leader Class Megatron



The changes include:
-New Gray color instead of white and light blue.
-The light blue parts on the first release are now paint washed to resemble “rust” weathering.
-The clear parts are now darker red instead of just pinkish red (including the eyese).
-New sound chip, “classic” transforming sound instead of the electronic “zapping” sound effects.


Fusion Cannon.

….join them in extinction!!!

Cybertronian Jet mode

Megatron is a huge improvement over the previous release. I guess we can always pose the first release megs like he was still “frozen” in ice.

The solicitation images previously showed Premium Megatron to be silver and not just dark gray. I think it would’ve been much cooler (kind of like the Voyager class redeco metallic Megatron). Knowing Hasbro, they will most likely release that version down the road. lol.

Megatron gives Jazz new meaning to the concept “Let’s split”.

In the movie Megatron totally owned Prime in the final battle. If it weren’t for Sam’s intervention, Megatron would have won (though personally I would’ve prefered Prime winning and Megatron doing something underhanded to turn the tide instead.)

Funfact: Like Premium Prime, Megatron’s character bio on the back of the box is also different from the first release.


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