Transformers 2007 Movie Premium Series Optimus Prime

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Transformers 2007 Movie Premium Series Optimus Prime


Comparison with the first release.

Major changes include:
-Sword attachment instead of the blaster.

-New “movie accurate” head.

-Silver paint finish on most of the gray parts.

-“Classic” transforming sound effect instead of the “zapping lasers” on the first release.

Not all of Prime’s parts are painted silver, the arms and fist are still unpainted gray plastic.

Prime’s sword. There’s a spring gimmick and there are Cybertronian glyphs etched onto the sword.

Truck mode

The front bumper, gas tanks and tire mags have been repainted silver.

The “honking horn” sound effect is still the same. Hasbro changed the panel on the roof of the truck to accomodate the longer antennae on Premium Prime’s head.

Brother versus brother.

In my opinion, the Premium Prime isn’t really all that worth it. It’s slightly better than the first release but nothing that really stands out apart from the sword. Unless you’re a diehard Optimus Prime fan, this is something that can be skipped.

Funfact: The character bio on the back of Optimus’ box is different from the first release.


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