Transformers 2007 Movie Robot Replicas Series 1 and 2

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Transformers 2007 Movie Robot Replicas Series 1 and 2

Robot Replicas Wave 1




Robot Replicas wave 1

Barricade’s blade wheel weapon.. it would’ve been nice but it’s too long! It makes him look like a retard playing with a pinwheel…

Bumblebee VS Barricade, again.. problems with the scale.. darn it!!


Megatron’s fusion cannon. To plug it in, you have to remove both of his arms.

This line is awful. The articulation is limited (notice Megatron’s arms, they only swing sideways, no way to change that) The paint detail is decent enough except for Megatron’s face and the scale is terrible (Barricade looks like a short kid).

Even with Hasbro “swiping” the Revoltech joint designs, the execution is very bad since the sculpted parts don’t have allowances for the joints to flex to. Just bad. One of the worst toy purchases. The only good thing about this is the accurate Bumblebee head sculpt and maybe getting Megatron for Protoform Prime to have a partner(almost same scale). That’s about it. Still, I’ll probably get Prime (if he ever comes out) just to round out Megatron.

Transformers 2007 Movie “Perfect” Deluxe Bumblebee

A simple head swap for the Robot Replicas Bumblebee and Deluxe Bumblebee, to make the figure more movie-accurate.

Check out the difference in the head design. Hmm.. looks like somebody over at the sculpting department wasn’t paying attention to the design layouts.

This would’ve really worked out great if only the peg sizes matched.

Instead, when we put on the RR head on the Deluxe figure, the head just sits there. Like placing a resealable bottle cap on a pencil, the slightest touch will make the head fall off. Maybe putting some putty in there will help.

Not bad. I don’t recommend this with the 1970’s Deluxe Bumblebee though. For some reason the head is tighter on that one, pulling on it might result in the neck joint breaking. The 2008 BB head comes off without much effort. 🙂

Transformers 2007 Movie Robot Replicas Wave 2

Cards (please click for larger images)

Wave 1 and 2

Wave 2

I’m not sure if we’re still going to see this locally, but Best toys had it in stock a few weeks back (selling for 900 each, being sold as either a set of 3 or as a set of 2 with Frenzy). I decided to bite the bullet and get them since I won’t be in town much in the coming weeks and might miss out on Prime if they do come out in the malls.

Robot Replicas Frenzy

With the Fast Action Battler Frenzy

Comes with a buzzsaw and extra “gun arm”

Compared to Deluxe Jazz

Transformers 2007 Movie Robot Replicas Jazz

Comes with his Crescent shaped gun

Comparison with the Deluxe Jazz

Transformers 2007 Movie Robot Replicas Movie Optimus Prime

Comes with an “Ion Blaster” spare arm

With the Deluxe Protoform Prime

With Leader Class Optimus Prime

Prime versus Megatron!

Could’ve been better in terms of paint applications on the face (the eyes don’t seem to be painted?)

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