Transformers 2007 Movie Transforming DVD case

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Transformers 2007 Movie Transforming DVD case

The Transformers 2007 movie 2 disc special edition with DVD with transforming Optimus Prime figure.


Prime’s legs and arms rotate out of the package and his head flips up. The toy stands at 14″ tall. The 2 discs are placed overlapping on one another on Prime’s “back”.

The one that came out locally is Region 3 (distributed from a HongKong source), unfortunately ours has the lame MTRCB sticker. Don’t bother trying to take off the sticker. I tried, it looks worse thanks to the crappy glue and paper they used. There are also a bunch of advertising inserts that come with the boxset.

There’s a Target exclusive US version being sold online. That version has the TF Prequel TPB included. There will also be a Walmart exclusive later on with an animated (?) version of the Prequel (my guess is most likely it will be panel scans and not an actual cartoon production)

For a complete list of “Easter Eggs” on the Transformers Movie DVD go here:


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