Transformers 3rd party – Maketoy Quantron ( G1 Computron)

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Transformers 3rd party – Maketoy Quantron ( G1 Computron)

Metalstorm (Scattershot)

Quantron’s feet serve as support struts for Metalstorm (he’s a bit top-heavy).

Very nice.

Full booster mode

Blindfire (Strafe)

I think he may be my favorite in the set. .


Celeritas (Lightspeed)

Lower half of the tires become ammo clips for his guns.

Overheat (Afterburner)

Hammer/Missile pack

Shoulder Mounted

Lol… Tron cycle rip-off?

Sonic Drill (Nosecone)

Drill comes off and can become his (only) weapon accessory

Maketoy later on released replacement parts free of charge for Sonic Drill, the parts consist of a better crotch mold and better searchlights molds. These parts are used for gripping onto Quantron’s feet in combined mode.

This transformation really gave me a hard time, but basically this is how the legs in tank mode is supposed to look like.


Quantron (Computron)

Interestingly, Strafe/Blindfire is supposed to form the left arm in Computron, but here he’s designated only to form the right arm. I wonder why? It does look better aesthetically though.

Far as I can tell, you can’t mix and match the arms and legs, they’re set to where they are assigned.

Working “hydraulics” in the both of the elbows.

How the right leg is supposed to look (manual was a little vague here so this took some figuring out).

Chest cannons

Mega Double Barrel Blaster

Giga Composite Bow

The bow is really big, but you have to remove the bottom shell before attaching to Quantron.

Ohh shiny chrome

Quantron stands roughly 14″ tall and weighs 822 Grams

Size comparisons

Overall, it looks really good, but some of the plastics are crazy sharp, you will really feel the pain in your fingertips when you’re done transforming or combining this set.

While I love Maketoys’ designs, I do wish they made the transformations a little less complicated too. Sonic Drill really took me the longest to transform since it involved a lot of folding joints.


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