Transformers Action Toys UM-01 Ultimetal Optimus Prime

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Transformers Action Toys UM-01 Ultimetal Optimus Prime

Box is huuuuuuge!!! Roughly 30 x 23.5 x 10 inches. It’s super heavy too!

When you open it up you will be greeted by 3 boxes.

Two of the three will have “matchbox” like sleeves that you will have to slip off to get to the main boxes.

Armor Tray layout

“Naked” Prime

Naked Prime has a lot of working pistons along his “skeleton”.

Remember, to get his knees to bend, you have to press these release buttons here.

Half armored.

Armored up

Light up effects

To activate, you have to put batteries in the remote – 2x LR44 (batteries not included). Along with 3 AAA Batteries on Prime’s back (again, batteries not included).

Aside from light up eyes, chest lights and Matrix cavity lights, Prime also has other features
-a button on the remote makes Prime say “I am Optimus Prime” but with various tones and inflections. His mouth plate mask also moves by itself when he talks.

-Various phrases from the toy
–This is Optimus Prime, do you read me?
–The Decepticons must be stopped.
–Receiving a message from Autobot Headquarters.
–Ironhide. Come in, Ironhide. Do you read me, old friend?
–We’ve received a coded message from Soundwave, we should convert the coded message”
–A data file has been sent to your comlink.
–Ratchet. Are you receiving this transmission?
–Soundwave is attempting to jam this signal. Answer before it’s too late.
–Receiving a distress signal from Autobot Headquarters. Transform and roll out.
–Distress signal coming in from Bumblebee. He is under heavy Decepticon fire.
–Megatron and Starscream are attacking the power plant. Report to me at once.
–It’s time to stop the Decepticons.
–Megatron must be stopped. No matter the cost.
–Autobots transform and roll out.
–Megatron is in my sights.
–Energon fuel cells are low. I must recharge on planet Cybertron.

Rifle (even his rifle has removable armor bits, sadly, the armor bits on my unit has some trouble staying attached).

Energon Axe

Display Base

Prime’s Axe is stored in the back.

Secondary display stand included, for if your display base can’t fit in your display cabinet.

This post can also be equipped on the larger display base.

Requires 3 AAA Batteries to light up.

Autobot Matrix of Leadership.

Note that the Matrix in Prime’s chest is different from the one for the base (which is the one you will use for him to “light our darkest hour”)

The bigger Matrix will require batteries to light up (2x LR41)

Pulling on the left handle will activate the light (mine gets stuck though so it’s hard to turn it off).

“Now, light our darkest hour!!!!”

Quick notes:
-The insides of the shipping box has various styrofoam panels and inserts, to prevent damage to the actual box, nice touch there. If you’ve ever opened one of the Fewture Getters or Mazingers, you’ll know what I mean here.

-“Naked” Prime weighs 2731 Grams, while fully armored Prime weighs 4001 Grams (4 Kilos!!!!!). Wow… I don’t think the old Popy Vintage combining robots with loads of diecast had this kind of heft!

-Ultimetal Prime stands roughly 16.75″ tall.

-All fingers have flexing digits, all of them!! Wow.

-The release buttons gimmick for the knees was a very smart idea, unfortunately, the ankle joints on mine are harder to maneuver. I don’t know if it’s a design flaw or a factory issue.

– Vents on his legs are adjustable, but they’re not spring-gimmicked like on the old MP-01.

-For some reason, the panels on the back of his forearms have real problems staying on. I have no idea if this is just on my unit by I don’t think so. Sigh, they just keep falling off, would be nice if they had some sort of magnet gimmick to help them stay attached like DX Mazinger.

-Diecast parts are all over this thing. From the “skeleton” all the way to most of the armor. Be warned though, not all armor parts have magnet gimmicks to help hold them in place (see above post).

Overall, it’s impressive. It’s big, it’s heavy (really heavy!) and it’s got serious electronic gimmicks.

But it’s not perfect. I find that the execution is a bit lacking, such as the pieces of armor on his forearms really need some sort of additional connection support, as they keep falling off. The light up Matrix on mine also has trouble turning off due to the battery compartment being awkward.

My biggest gripe was with the remote, as mine had really hard buttons to push. I had to ask the supplier to send me a replacement (They said they will, let’s see).

These problems aren’t real deal breakers, but given how much this figure costs, I was expecting a flawless execution, as it’s not quite on par with how Bandai did the DX Mazinger Z. The Ultimetal Prime is okay, but somehow I don’t see myself recommending it to other folks to get, unless you’re really into collecting Optimus Prime.


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