Transformers Alternators Mirage

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Transformers Alternators Mirage



One of the most incredibly annoying things about this toy is that the assembly line kind of goofed and glued these hinges together..

…. one of the plates broke free but the other side wasn’t so lucky and it snapped. I’m thinking of writing an E-mail to Hasbro to complain and see if they can send a replacement part.

I really like the blue on Mirage.

“You can’t catch what you can’t see.”

With Masterpiece Prime and Binaltech KissPlay Hotrodimus

With Hot Rodimus.

Vehicle mode (Ford GT)

License plates

-Opening front hatch

-Opening doors

-Opening trunk revelas the “engine block” (Edit: trunk should be opened the other way, front to back, not back to front, my bad, will try to post a better pic later on).

Vehicle modes

Thoughts on Alternator Mirage
-Really love that blue color, if not for the glue defect this would be in the top 5 Binaltech/Alterantor ranks for me.

-Mirage weighs 220 Grams.

-Solid joints.

-There’s also the E-hobby BT 18 Exclusive “Electro-Disruptor” clear Mirage (but I think I’ll pass on that. Too overpriced).

Funfact: There is a way to open an Alternator without ruining the bubble. Simply open the cardbord tray from underneath and cut out a “U” shaped hole, leaving the front portion untouched. The toy can be returned later on (case in point, the pics of Mirage’s box were taken after I had done this photoshoot and returned the figure back to his packaging. )


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