Transformers Binaltech Alternity Megatron

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Transformers Alternity Megatron


The Nissan Fairlady Z


I’m not entirely sure why they opted to make Megatron into a Samurai-esque warrior of sorts. It seems out of character IMHO.

Megatron has to forearm blades, similar to Alternity Convoy’s forearm mounted blasters.

Alternity Megatron’s list of abilities:

Higher Dimensional Sensory Array (forehead)
Negavation Cloak Emitter (Car doors/ shoulder armor)
Alternium Hyper-Frame (Chestplate)
Timaeus Powertrack Generator (Chestplate/front grill)
Gravital Blades (forearm mounted blades)
Inertia manipulation device (his skirt armor)
Holo-Kinetic Arm Projector (shin plates)
Tesseractal Swords (Megatron’s Katanas)

Comparison with Alternity Convoy.

In vehicle mode, Megatron is much shorter.

Prime: “C’mon, Megatron, who brings a knife to a gunfight?”

Megatron: “…..”


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