Transformers Binaltech Alternity Optimus Prime

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Transformers Binaltech Alternity Optimus Prime

Takara scaled back the Binaltech line from 1:24 scale to 1:32 scale. This time Prime’s Nissan GT-R (according to HLJ, this product is now listed as “Discontinued”). You can get the Ultimate Metal Silver or Vibrant Red verision. I went with Vibrant Red for obvious reasons. There’s also a black version coming soon.

He’s a bit too small for my tastes, here’s Prime next to Henkei Ratchet.

Basically, only this part is diecast, the chasis. Prime’s legs, arms and everything else is plastic.

Note that Prime’s fists don’t open and the manual comes with a spec sheet that has technobabble such as “Timestorm Detector Array”. It’s also noted that Alternity Prime’s subtitle is “Master Lord”

A breakdown of the happy technogobbledygook that comprises’ Alternity Prime’s arsenal.

-10-Dimensional Processor Core Block (forehead)
-Timestorm Detector Array (side doors)
-Timeaus Powertrack Generator (chest)
-Alterium Hyper – frame (head lights)
-Universal Emulation Engine (belt buckle)
-Anti-Hytherion Space Time-piercing Tachyon Blasters(the passenger seats-mounted wrists cannons)
-Phasic Isolation Shield Emitter (knee caps)
-Planet Storage Reactors (shins).

Whatever happened to just using simple words like “Flux Capacitor” ?

There’s also a gimmick called the “Synchro tech”, it’s the rough equivalent of the “Automorph” feature in the TFTM toys. But I failed to see how it works here, color me unimpressed by the ‚ÄúSynchro tech” gimmick.

Alternity Prime here weighs around 200 Grams. A typical Binal Tech 1:24 scaled figure weighs 300+ Grams.

Anti-Hytherion Space Time-piercing Tachyon Blasters!

Again with Henkei Ratchet.

Overall not too bad, at least the diecast parts give it some heft and the proportions look sleek. The only main gripe would have to be the chest halves usually look misaligned in robot mode due to no linking connection between them post-transformation.


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