Transformers Binaltech BT-21 Arcee

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Transformers Binaltech BT-21 Arcee


The manual is drastically different from the old BTs, no colors or background story or colored pics. Just a white sheet of paper like the Hasbro TF Classics line.

Opening hood and trunk.

The head doesn’t really make me think of Arcee, it looks more like Minerva from TF Masterforce.

Sniper rifle(?) and blast shield.

With the BT-12 Overdrive Honda S2000

Vehicle modes.

No personalized plates for Arcee.

The Hardtop and convertible tops can be removed.

My biggest gripe I guess would be that Takara cut corners on this one and instead of giving us the usual “magnetic” axel, they used sculpted locking joints to get the front axel to connect. It’s a bit of a pain in the neck to get the new locking joints together.

Plus if you’ll notice above, the “display stand” is now generic and not character specific unlike the older Binal Tech releases.


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