Transformers Binaltech BT-22 Optimus Prime /Convoy

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Transformers Binaltech BT-22 Optimus Prime /Convoy

The box is quite big!

After waiting for so long we finally get a diecast Binal Tech Optimus Prime!

With the old BT Kiss Players Convoy (right).

Differences include different arm color and of course the insane diecast content on BT-22. In vehicle mode they look identical though.

The most impressive part of the BT-22 is that it weighs over 700 Grams!!

That’s heavy! A standard Binal Tech TF weighs around 300 Grams. Likewise, the BT-22 weighs more than the Aoshima MazinKaiser (680 Grams) and Aoshima Shin Getter (580 Grams)!

The only major problem for me would still be how hard it is to pull out the legs.


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