Transformers Binaltech Kiss Players Optimus Prime

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Transformers Binaltech Kiss Players Optimus Prime

Binaltech Kiss Play Convoy and Melissa

For the unfamiliar, BT Kiss play’s storyline is set in an alternate universe from the original Binaltech series. This one takes place in the post-TF movie “Unicron battle” saga where Rodimus Prime is the leader.

Strangely enough in this world, Transformers can be “revived” by kissing the right human girl… yeah, I know.. it sounds like a lot of bull$&*@

To make matters worse, the Binaltech line has now decided to stop producing toys with diecast. So BTKP Convoy/Optimus Prime is totally devoid of diecast parts. (Edit: Fortuntely, later on TakaraTomy would roll out a diecast-heavy Binatltech Optimus Prime in the Binaltech proper line).

It comes in a fruity pink, girlie type box(there’s also a pic on the boxart that shows Melissa “licking/french-kissing” Prime, a sure sign that TakaraTomy has totally lost it ).

On a plus side, Prime looks really good as a Dodge Ram pickup truck. It’s just a shame they didn’t give it diecast parts, given that the price is the same as regular BTs with diecast.

The pink surfboard opens up to become Prime’s sword.

Truck mode

In closing, given the ridiculous story and lack of diecast, I guess this might be my last Binaltech.


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