Transformers Black Mamba Dino Troops Alloy Version POTP Oversized Dinobots

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Transformers Black Mamba Dino Troops Alloy Version POTP Oversized Dinobots

Semi-colored manuals.

The internal pages don’t show a colored image of the toys though. Worse, they don’t show how to set up the toys for combiner mode. So if you’ve never owned the originals or you’re not familiar with the transformations, then you’re going to have to view Youtube videos to walk you through.

All weapons and accessories are in a baggie.

Interesting to note, not everyone comes with their Prime Armor or guns and swords, only 3 sets of guns and swords and 2 Prime armors are included.

Since this is an unofficial set, there are no faction labels for the figures, you will have to provide your own, I use the ones from Toyhax.

I recommend using a blade or a thin surface object to help apply the stickers. This makes it easier to center the sticker instead of just using one’s stubby fingers that tend to get in the way of view.

T-Rex (Grimlock)

Leader of the Dinobots, Grimlock is brute strength personified, while he appears to be slow-witted brute, he does possess some degree of tactical intellect when in battle, especially when leading his team into combat.

He comes with a diecast skirt plate for the combined mode.

Unlike his Hasbro counterpart, the Prime armor this time comes with two Enigma of Combinations for visual balance.

Sigh… my T-Rex came with some paint bleed, luckily it can be scrapped off.


The most aggressive of the Dinobots, Slag often craves battle and is usually at odds following Grimlock’s commands.

Good grief… my Triceratops came with a bent horn, I guess I’ll have to try to heat and reset it later on.


Often referred to as the dumbest and slowest of all the Dinobots, Sludge will follow anyone giving him orders.


The loner of the Dinobot team, totally unsociable and often likes to be by himself (considering how most of the Dinobots are unsociable, that’s saying something). Feels alive only when in the heat of combat.

For some reason, Black Mamba changed Snarl’s chest piece, it no longer has the hole for the Prime Armor to plug into.


The most friendly and well-liked among the Dinobots, Swoop is the only member who can fly, but is regarded as one of the weaker characters in the team due to his thinner armor and lack of firepower.

I decided to give him the Prime Armor parts since the set only has 3 guns.

Like the original Hasbro, the Prime Armor can be equipped onto the chest panels.

The Full Team


While not really G1 canon, the concept of combining Dinobots was used in the recent Machima Transformers Combiner Wars animated series.

Fully combined, Volcanicus stands 13.5 Inches tall.

Just like the original Hasbro version, the combined form is a disproportional to look at. The bigger problem is that the joints on Grimlock are unable to properly support the figure in action poses, made worse with the robot’s really small feet.

Comparisons with Hasbro versions.


8 Inches VS 7 inches.

I wish the Black Mamba version had stickers on his legs too.

294 (Black Mamba) vs 170 Grams (Hasbro)


7 Inches VS 6 Inches.

161 (Black Mamba) VS 78 Grams (Hasbro).


6.5 Inches (BM) VS 5.5 Inches (Hasbro)

Added joint for the dino mode’s hind legs on the Black Mamba one.

150 (BM) VS 84 Grams (Hasbro)


6.5 VS 5.5 Inches

173 (BM) VS 90 Grams (Hasbro)


7 Inches VS 6 Inches

131 Grams (BM) VS 67 Grams (Hasbro)


13.5 Inches VS 11.5 Inches

985 Grams VS 533 Grams

Overall, considering how cheap this set goes for, I think it’s a good deal for it. Apart from the size difference, the Black Mamba versions sport diecast metal feet in dino modes, except for Grimlock who has a diecast skirt plate for the combined form instead.

The only real problem here is the combined mode is not so good, due mainly to the weak joints and lack of any upgrade parts to improve proportions or add weaponry to the Volcanicus.

I personally plan to put these guys in with my CHUGs figures as my default Dinobots (bigger and better to look at) while the official Hasbro versions will eventually be displayed in combined form, sporting upgrade kits.


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