Transformers Bumblebee Movie Cassette Pack

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Transformers Bumblebee Movie Cassette Pack

Hmm.. I guess they’re still making Transformers in Vietnam? I thought they stopped?

Bumblebee is a redeco from Age of Extinction movie line (High Octane One-Step Changer)

Bee sports some decent articulation.


Spy Tablet mode

Jet mode

Panther mode

Howlback actually comes from the G1 Takara line and was released back in 2005 as part of the Cobalt Sentries along with Garboil (a blue redeco of Laserbeak), this character identifies herself as female.


Spy Tablet mode

Mini forklift mode

Mechanical condor mode

Comparison with Legends Class Titans Return Buzzsaw.

Comparison with Laserbeak (Takara LG version)

With the Titans Return Laserbeak. Personally, I prefer this version of Buzzsaw over the Titans Return one, as that one was way too yellow. So this version fits better in terms of G1 accuracy, guess we can chalk this up to an unexpected bonus of picking up this 4 pack.

Frenzy (Rumble)

Spy Tablet mode

Tank mode

Robot mode

Sigh… it sucks that the only way to get this guy is to buy this set (worse, the set is a Target exclusive). Adding insult to injury, they made his eyes blue instead of red (he’s an Autobot now? What?)

Why they decided to switch up the names of Frenzy and Rumble after all this time is a mystery.

With Rumble (Frenzy)

Sigh…. soooo tempted to paint his visor red…

Pretty sure if this was set in the G1 cartoon continuity, Bumblebee wouldn’t stand a chance.

With (Takara LG) Soundwave

Ok, seriously, how many tapes are there living inside this guy??


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