Transformers C-02 Missing Link Convoy (Animation Edition Optimus Prime)

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Transformers C-02 Missing Link Convoy (Animation Edition Optimus Prime)

Man, it’s been a while since we’ve seen Styrofoam used in a Transformers product. How I miss the old days.

I love how the set comes with so much colored printed material. It’s funny how you miss the small things when they’re gone.

“Rub sign” stickers are back!

Printed Autobot logo! The stickers back in the day were a nightmare to keep on.

I was really expecting the white panel line to be not present on this unit, as the idea was for it to be carton-accurate. Alas…

“Rubber” tires.

Some mold degradation here, you can hardly make out the “Desert Dog Formula” markings on the sides of the tires.

The transformation has the hands built in now! No need to add or remove fists!

Strongest and wisest of the Autobots, Optimus Prime is the heroic Autobot army’s leader. Noble and self-sacrificing, Prime will gladly lay it all on the line to stop the tyranny of the evil Decepticons.

Just like the G1 toy from before, Prime still stands at 6.25 inches tall.

Prime’s feet are still diecast, along with his chest panel. The paint applications are also different from the C-01 version.

The forearms now feature actual sculpted tooling, not just applied stickers. Nice.

Newly designed joints in the hips and thighs greatly improve articulation!

This moving section of the front axel allows the figure to have some wiggle room for the thighs to move, as well as allow for waist rotation. Very clever.

Lol… too bad there’s still a huge gapping hole in Prime’s back.

Faux ankle articulation

Opening hands

For accessories, of course, Prime comes with his Ion Blaster rifle

The rifle actually goes down into this groove in Prime’s palm.

You can actually balance Prime on one foot.

But I think it looks much better with a display stand to help prop it up right for that iconic 1986 movie shot.

To equip the Energon Axe, simply open up the panel on the underside of the base of the axe and peg it into Prime’s hand.

Lastly, Prime comes with the Autobot Matrix of Leadership!

Prime can actually hold the Matrix now!! Hurray!

“Light our darkest hour!”

Overall, I love it!!! I haven’t received my C-01 set yet (the one that comes with the trailer) but man, just thing by itself is already awesome! I can’t imagine why no one thought to do this ten years ago. The articulation really does all a lot to the toy and it’s not just nostalgia. Hats off to Takara Tomy for finally making this “update”!

With the recent announcement for Missing Link Bumblebee and Cliffjumper, I wonder how far this line will go? A complete reissue of the G1 line perhaps?? That would be interesting to see happen.


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