Transformers Cloud TFC-A03 Hot Rodimus

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Transformers Cloud TFC-A03 Hot Rodimus

Comes with a translated Comic book. Nothing really wow and the translation is a bit elementary. Reminds me of Fansproject’s comic inserts actually…

Hot Rodimus

Vehicle modes

I generally don’t collect the Cloud series TFs but this figure felt like a really good addition to the collection. Considering it’s the first time we’re getting a Voyager Class Rodimus and it goes great next to Optimus Prime. So I guess this guy is going to be my default Rodimus Prime figure for now. .


Huh… I never realized until now you can attach the sword under the rifle and make it look like a big rail gun.


It’s going to look awkward now though. Hehe, Springer is the new “Ultra Magnus”?

Light Piping


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