Transformers Collector’s Club Figure Subscription Service 5.0 Optimus Prime and Megatron with Pretender Shells

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Transformers Collector’s Club Figure Subscription Service 5.0 Optimus Prime and Megatron with Pretender Shells

This set is part of the fifth and final wave of Transformers Club Subscription Service. It features Optimus Prime and Megatron that come with Pretender Shells and Targetmasters.

Double Pretender Optimus Prime

Prime this time is a retool of Generations Legends Class Swerve. Not too shabby, though I would’ve preferred no flames on the vehicle mode, though. Thankfully, the Club didn’t go nuts and painted flames on the robot mode.

Targetmaster Hi-Q

Hi-Q is a retool of Flanker (the minicon that came with Generations Swerve)

Weapon mode (particle beam cannon)

Pretender Shell

The Shell is a repaint of a previously released Club Figure, Oilmaster. The sculpting for this figure was done by Boss Fight Studios.

You can also equip Targetmaster Hi-Q on the Pretender shell.

For some reason, I couldn’t fit the photon cannon onto his back, the peg seems too large. I could try to force it but it might ruin the peg.

He’s called a Double Pretender since both he and Hi-Q can ride inside the shell.

Double Pretender Megatron

According to his bio based on the Transformers Timelines saga, Megatron is the last of his species? I don’t follow the Timelines saga from Fun Pub but it does sound interesting.

Minicon Spacewarp

Spacewarp is a redeco of Payload, she’s also female, according to her bio.

Weapon mode (Transwarp blaster)

Pretender shell

The Pretender shell is a redeco from Grand Maximus.

lol… they even used the pic of Cerebros going into the shell in the manual.

To get Megatron and Spacewarp to fit in, you will need this little piece, it’s sculpted to resemble the G1 Megatron’s optional cannon accessory. This piece is the key to getting Spacewarp to connect with Megatron while inside the shell.

First, set Megatron like so.

Slap on the piece.

Slap on Spacewarp via the two holes on his back.

Then plant the whole set piece into the Pretender Shell.

The entire setup isn’t as clean as Prime’s and it’s silly the manual doesn’t cover this but at least it prevents the figures from rolling around inside the shell.

The weapons for the Pretender shell are from Titans Return Sentinel Prime (rifle) and Voyager Optimus Prime (Sword)

Forever arch enemies.


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