Transformers Combiner Wars Computron Boxset

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Transformers Combiner Wars Computron Boxset

The set comes with an 11”x14” sized poster.


Note that the vehicle mode has a landing gear.

Scattershot is a retool of the Silverbolt buck. With a new head and vehicle mode parts.

Scattershot also uses the same rifle as Silverbolt… sigh…

Afterbreaker (Afterburner)

Afterbreaker here is a retool of Deluxe Class Groove


Strafe is a heavy retool of Air Raid.

Unfortunately, this guy does not come with any guns. The guns on his backpack are not removable.

I guess I’ll just have to make him the team brawler.. Yeah… for a guy named “Strafe” he has no guns. Sigh..

Lightsteed (Lightspeed)

Lightsteed a straight up redeco of Streetwise.


Nosecone is a straight up repaint of Brawl (with a new drill weapon).

Scrounge and Cybaxx


Cybaxx is supposedly also known as Boltax (according to the TF Wiki site), a character from the original Marvel Comics Transformers run. He was a “High Circuit (Elder?)” back in the early days of Cybertron. His physical form was later destroyed by Megatron.

The toy is a redeco of Minicon Payload.


Scrounge hails from the G1 Marvel Comics continuity. He was one of Blaster’s friends on Cybertron. He was later destroyed by Straxus. His death would continue to haunt Blaster for years.

The toy is a retool of Cosmos.

So much … yellow…..

Cybaxx in weapon mode.

I don’t quite get why they’re included with Computron, but I guess it’s a cool nod to the characters to have them in modern toy form.

The duo can combine to form Computron’s shoulder shield.


Yikes. This overall look is … horrible. The figure looks like Superion too much. The color scheme is just as horrible as well. Sigh… Man.

At least the new hands and feet are a welcome addition from the previous Combiners.

Scrounge in shield mode. The connector peg only works one way, so you can only fit scrounge facing up. I guess this wasn’t something that was planned?

The Combiner wars Computron Team


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