Transformers Combiner Wars – Devastator

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Transformers Combiner Wars – Devastator

Box is ginormous! 21x14x5 Inches


Ugh.. the lack of elbows really stick out here.




Long Haul


Since the Constructicons are roughly Voyager-sized, they are pretty big and fit better with the MP series than with Generations.

The ‘Cons stand roughly 7.5” tall

Lol…. Each one is about as tall as the G1 Devastator.

With their G1 counterparts (from Encore #20A)


Although not mentioned in the manual, the parts used to form Devastator become weapons for the ‘cons.

Devastator’s Forearm becomes a missile rack (try to look for the peg at the back of the hands)

Constructicons unite!


I’m surprised this guy has a waist joint!

With his G1 counterpart

Be sure to utilize the hidden torso joints in Scrapper and Mixmaster to act as “ankles” and balance this figure. It was not mentioned in the manual at all… tsk…

Weigh in
-Scrapper -157 Grams
-Scavenger – 158 Grams
-Bone Crusher -147 Grams
-Hook -175 Grams
-Long Haul – 420 Grams
-Mixmaster- 216 Grams
-Devastator – 1402 Grams

Like I said, this guy fits in better with the MP series. Look at this image… .

“Prepare for termination!”


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