Transformers Combiner Wars Platinum Edition Liokaiser

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Transformers Combiner Wars Platinum Edition Liokaiser

Poster – as with all Combiner Wars boxsets, we get a poster of the box artwork.


Dezarus is meant to be the Decepticon leader Deathsaurus. The Liokaiser team was originally lead by Leozack and the team was originally known as Breast Force, a sub-group of the Destrons/Decepticons in the Japanese G1 universe.

Dezarus is a repaint of Skylynx.


Guyhawk is a retool of Air Raid

Fellbat (Hellbat)

Fellbat is a retool of Sky Dive

Dual gun slingers.

Ironbision (Killbison)

I really love the new heads for this team, even if the rest of the torsos are reuses of other CW figures. Very well done.


Both Ironbison and Drillhorn are retools of Combaticon Brawl.

Ion Scythe

Ion Scythe is a retool of Takara’s Arms Micron Gul from the TF Prime Line. He used to be Starscream’s partner in the Prime Japanese Arms Micron theater segment of the show.

This is the first time an Arms Micron figure has been released at retail for the US market.

The full Destrons team


Liokaiser’s got a new headsculpt, different from Sky Reign’s. But it’s not quite on par with the G1 cartoon head (needs to be bluish-green, not black).

Ion Scythe becomes Liokaiser’s weapon.

Sadly, the nunchuku seen on the box art is not included with the toy. Odd. But at least we get a sword of sorts for this guy.

The original G1 team had a sixth member, Jallguar. I guess they couldn’t include him here.

I decided to try out the bootlegged Perfect Effect parts for this release. Not bad, it’s solid, connects well enough, but some of the joints for weapon modes don’t feel like they’re not quite as good as the original. Overall, not bad, considering it’s 40% cheaper than the original PE parts.

From this:

Into this:

Weapon modes


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