Transformers Combiner Wars Victorion

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Transformers Combiner Wars Victorion

The boxset comes with a cool 11×14 poster

Pyra Magna

I really fail to see the significance of putting Cybertronian glyphs on this figure. Kinda ruins the whole “robots in disguise” thing, right?

Dust Up




The copter-twins

Rust Dust

Rust Dust is a redeco of Legends Class Groove, sadly, he/she still connects horribly when in Victorion mode, just like Legends Class Groove. Sigh….

The Torchbearers


For once in the Combiner Wars line, we get dedicated hands and feet, which are more proportional and seem to add more balance to the toy as compared to the usual parts.

It wasn’t until I combined Victorion that I noticed the Copter-twins have reversed color schemes. Cool…

Her sword is a bit hard to figure out how to form based on just the manual, but hopefully these images will help.

In the IDW comics, it’s revealed that Victorion has magnetism-based powers.

The Torchbearers and Victorion’s forms were actually based from fan polls, deciding her gender, alt modes, powers. Nice touch Hasbro.


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