Transformers Cybertron Autobots

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Transformers Cybertron Autobots

Transformers Cybertron Hotshot and Red Alert

Transformers Cybertron Vector Prime

Decided to get him when I found one at a good price. His sword was used by “Galaxy Convoy”(Optimus Prime) to deal the finishing blow on Galvatron in the TV series.

Close up


He comes with his Minicon, Roots, and has the ability to rewind time(at the cost of his Spark, apparently, he gave his life to save the Universe near the end of the show) and has a sound chip(activated by the Force Chip) that generates thunder and gear-churning sound effects.

Transformers Cybertron Excellion(repainted Hotshot in “Hot Rod” colors)

Force Chip Ignition!

Transformers Cybertron OverDrive

vehicle mode

Transformers Cybertron Metroplex


Metroplex here is a triple changer of sorts, he can morph from construction vehicle mode to robot mode and to “giant” battle mode.

Vehicle mode

Robot Mode (comes with Minicon Drillbit)

Giant mode (stands over 13″ Inches tall)

Metroplex comes with his giant axe called the “SparkDrinker”. It has lights and sound, activated by the Cyberforce chip.

Optimus Prime
Sonic Bomber
Sonic Prime

Transformers Galaxy Force Optimus Prime

Truck mode


Super mode

Galaxy force Sonic Bomber

Sonic Convoy/Prime

Chrome chesplate and swords

Energon Chip releases “secret” cannon


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