Transformers Cyberverse Scout Class Scraplet

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Transformers Cyberverse Scout Class Scraplet

Quadruped form

Originally appearing in the classic Marvel Transformers comics, Scraplets were small parasites that reproduced rapidly and painfully devoured anything mechanical they encounter bit by bit, leaving nothing left of the victim in a matter of hours. While never appearing the G1 cartoons, they became very prominent in media when they appeared in the Transformers Prime cartoon and more recently, the Cyberverse cartoon, which this figure is based on.

Bipedal form

Scraplet stands roughly 3 inches in his Bipedal form.

The toy features an opening jaw and a cool “spinning teeth” gimmick when a button is pushed.

Scale comparisons
With a Targetmaster (Rung). Admittedly, even as a Scout Class figure, it’s still a bit too big. For it to be in scale, the right size for the Scraplet would be for it to be the size of a Targetmaster’s head.

In the original Marvel Comics, it was revealed that the Scraplet’s weakness was, ironically, just plain water, killing the little buggers with no effort. In the Prime cartoons this was changed to extreme cold temperatures.


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