Transformers Cybetron Primus

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Transformers Cybertron Primus

Planet Cybertron, home world of the Transformers. It’s actually a transformer itself, named Primus.

The concept originated from the 1990’s Marvel Comics stories when Simon Furman was the writer. In the comics we see Primus as a cosmic force of good opposite to Unicron’s darkness. Primus trapped both their spirits in giant asteriods where they eventually grew to shape it into planets over past millenia and Primus created the Transformers to continue his fight against Unicron.

It’s Unicron!!

Cybertron has 3 modes of transformation(two of them, battle station modes)

Battle Station one

Battle Station two

Primus engage!

Primus with TF Armada Unicron(Unicron is still taller by an inch or so)

Too bad we never got to see this happen in any of the TF cartoons. Primus and Unicron never even came face to face in full robot modes in the comics, or in any of the cartoons series.

In fact, this is the first time we see Primus in robot mode from the TF Cybertron series, but Unicron was never seen on that series.

Primus comes with a “busted up” Unicron head. The head is a regular pack in for the US version while it was a TRU(Toys R Us) exclusive item in Japan.

Neat huh?

Fortress Maximus still towers over all the others at 22 inches in height. Primus is more or less 13-14 inches and Unicron is around 15-16 inches tall 😉


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