Transformers Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Autobot Ark Playset

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Transformers Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Autobot Ark Playset

I forgot how much these initially cost, but coming across them during a extreme clearance sale was too good a deal to pass up.

Roller figure.

Roller looks terrible! I don’t know what designers were thinking. Tsk. Give them free reign to design a figure and this the best they can do?

Light up cannons.

Cannons can be repositioned in various ports on the toy.

C0ckpit hatch.

Missiles loaded.

Fully-expanded base mode.

The far left section doesn’t really hold anything. Weird.


Repair bay.

Light up cannons.

Launch ramp



Missile launcher

Now this I find to be the most interesting feature. A teleport station. Interesting tie-in. 🙂

Well. That’s about it, I’m glad I didn’t pay full SRP for this one, as it’s too simplistic. But getting one at 500 PhP was a sweet deal! Looking at how awful the Avengers Helicarrier looks compared to this, I think I would gladly get 4 of Arks instead, if given the choice.

Now the best part is, this vehicle works with 3.75” figures! Looks great for science fiction looking characters.

I also panicked when I first opened up the toy and thought the missiles and repair bay arm were missing. Turns out they were packed beneath Roller’s feet inside the tray. So be mindful of that before storming back to the toy store to replace the toy like I almost did. Lol.


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