Transformers Device Label Rumble and Frenzy Earphones

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Transformers Device Label Rumble and Frenzy Earphones


Originally in the G1 toy line, Frenzy was supposed to the blue one and Rumble the red one. The Cartoons got the names backwards and well.. I guess that’s the more accepted concept nowdays.

The Earphones reverted back to Rumble again being the red one and Frenzy being the blue one.


Not as posey as I had hoped.



With Soundwave

The Earphones really work. Though Soundwave tends to be more on the bass when you play him (could be just me though).

The cables on Frenzy and Rumble aren’t removable but they can be retracted by pressing the Decepticon symbol clip. It tends to get a bit tangled up so I recommend pulling the whole stretch of cables out then retracting them if this happens.


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