Transformers Diablock Optimus Prime

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Transformers Diablock Optimus Prime


Takara’s own version of the popular Lego brand, the Diablock. Optimus Prime here is made up of 354 pieces (including his gun).

The Autobot symbols are stickers and not really printed on any of the shoulder pieces. The chest panel opens up to reveal… nothing!! They’re just there for Prime to flip his head into when he transforms into truck mode.

When fully assembled, the toy stands 10.5 Inches tall, taller than the box art.

The good news is that the joints are all pretty solid and tight. The only major floppy joint I guess would have to be the bar that flips up the legs for transformation. Plus the head is kind of a turn off, I wish they provided a more detailed head for Prime. The “lights” under Prime’s fender also come off a bit too easily, it can be annoying at times.

Vehicle mode.

Overall, a nice toy, if you can get one for the SRP price. The prices of local Diablock Prime are very expensive


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