Transformers DX9 – Carry (Third Party Masterpiece Rodimus Prime)

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Transformers DX9 – Carry (Third Party Masterpiece Rodimus Prime)

Cool! I didn’t know this thing came with a really awesome poster!

It’s a shame his vehicle mode is a bit small, but I guess I’ll take this any day over the G1-esque seperate trailer design.

Based on the graphic style of Studio Ox, this figure is meant to be Rodimus Prime.

Not bad, I was expecting more kibble when you look at him from the side but he looks decent enough.

I love the fact that this guy can hold a running pose.

Autobots attack!

“This is the end of the road, Galvatron!”

The Target Master (Firebolt?)

He kinda reminds me of Bluestreak…

Hmm.. no way to attach the rifle without keeping the elbow straight. Little did I know this was a sign of things to come…

Weapon mode

I’m not too crazy about the rifle’s design, as Carry looks a little awkward holding the rifle, the rifle handle should’ve been longer.

Likewise, by default, he can only hold his rifle by keeping his arm straight (just like the Target Master). Personally, I find the best way for him to hold the rifle is by folding the rifle stock to the side so Carry can bend at the elbow level. That kind of makes it look better.

With the other MPs.

I didn’t bother transforming the (fragile) Mp-09 Rodimus as the shell-forming trailer already gives a good idea of how difference the scales are.

Since he’s roughly about as big as the Combiner Wars Leader Classes, that means he’s a little shorter than MP-10 Optimus Prime..

I guess you can fudge it a bit and keep them in action poses to keep the scale difference less obvious.

Quick notes:
-Carry weighs 349 Grams (MP-09 Rodimus Prime weighs 302 Grams)

-Stands roughly 9″ (10.25″ if you count the wingtips)

-The only diecast parts are his feet.

Overall, I love this figure! It’s fun to transform, no fragility issues (I’m looking at you, Mp-09), looks like a real solid Autobot leader (MP-09 looks too much like Hot Rod than Rodimus) and really fun to pose and handle. It really surprised me at how well done this thing is for a third party figure. Sure the vehicle mode’s a bit small but it’s not even close to a deal breaker.

I do wish there was a way to make the back parts of his wings look more show-accurate, with optional parts or something, but I guess it is what it is. Plus it is a bit short compared to Optimus Prime, but I would still recommend this over the (fragile) Mp-09 in a heart beat! Plus, if they ever do a better official Rodimus Prime, this fella would still fit in with the Combiner Wars figures, so it’s a win-win. .

“‘Till all are one!”


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