Transformers E-Hobby Japan exclusive Transformers G1 Reissue Twincast

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E-Hobby Japan exclusive Transformers G1 Reissue Twincast


Twincast is the upgraded form of Blaster. After he and Soundwave went all out and killed each other early in the Japanese Headmasters series. This was not shown in the US version, also known as the 3-episode Season 4.

The Japanese Headmaster series had it’s own continuity and art completely different from the US version.

Twincast comes with Flipsides, who is the only female cassette in the whole cassette line. Furthermore, she’s also a Decepticon spy. Hence the Decepticon styled box and the Decepticon insignia on her rub sign. Flipsides didn’t appear in the series.. I think..

Then and now

Twincast versus Soundblaster

Just like Soundblaster, this “upgraded” form of Blaster can also now carry two cassettes inside him instead of just one.

Also, just like the original Autobot Blaster toy, this one does not have diecast parts.

It was only by watching the Headmasters DVD did I find out Twincast is an intergral part of TF G1.

A few more shots of Soundwave and Soundblaster.


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