Transformers Earthrise Alternate Universe Optimus Prime

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Transformers Earthrise Alternate Universe Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime as he appeared in his death scene in the 1986 Transformers movie. Based on the events in the movie, Transformers loose their colors when they die, hence the black and gray colors on this figure.

The figure is a straight up redeco of Transformers Earthrise Optimus Prime.

As this is meant to be the severely “battle damaged” version of Optimus Prime, Hasbro gave this figure some modifications (aside from the obvious color change), namely, a bent left helmet antenna and “cracked” mouth plate.

There’s also a “burn mark” paint on the figure’s left side, from where Megatron slashed him in their final battle.

Prime comes with his Ion Blaster.

The Ion Blaster can be folded and stowed on his back.

Prime also comes with the Autobot Matrix of Leadership.

“’till all are one…”

Sadly, just like the Earthrise set, this set does NOT come with an Energon Axe for Prime.

Same as with the Earthrise version, the trailer can be used as a maintenance bay for Prime and other Transformers figures.

You can also stand the whole trailer section vertically.

The weapons array can be removed from the trailer and plugged into Prime’s back, while the tailgate can be removed to form a shield.

Overall, a pretty decent figure. It captures the fallen Autobot leader’s colors almost perfectly.


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