Transformers Earthrise Autobot Alliance Deluxe Class Prowl and Ironhide

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Transformers Earthrise Autobot Alliance Deluxe Class Prowl and Ironhide

The map piece for this set shows a Nebulon Station, next to a Dead Universe portal.

The Autobot’s chief military strategist, Prowl is the bot with the plan. Unfortunately, Prowl is often regarded as uptight and inflexible particularly when it comes to protocol, which makes him not very popular with his fellow Autobots. He uses cold logic and reason to carefully plan moves against the Decepticons on a large scale.

Remember to fold down his leg fillers. They usually come in flipped upwards even though when packed in robot mode.

Unlike his other “mold-mates”, Prowl doesn’t come with shoulder cannons.

He comes with his blaster (Acid pellet gun).

Blaster can be pegged onto his back.

Acid pellet gun can be mounted on the vehicle mode.

Comparison with the Siege version.

Unfortunately, for some reason, Hasbro decided to reuse Bluestreak’s Earthrise head instead of using Prowl’s more accurate head from Siege. You can swap them around, BUT, you will have to sand down the neck peg of the Earthrise one a bit, as it’s too big for the head’s cavity.

Comparison with the Earthrise Bluestreak

I really wish they painted Prowl’s wheel mags, they’re the only part of the figure that’s bad to look at.

With his Earthrise “mold-mates”.


Ironhide is one of the oldest Autobots, before Kup came onto the scene, he was the one usually spouting “I remember the time…” lines. Usually functions as a bodyguard to Optimus Prime, he also gives sage advice to the Autobot leader thanks to his experiences over the years.

He comes with a pistol blaster that’s reminiscent of his G1 toy’s “Static Laser Gun”.

The roof of his vehicle mode can function as a shield.

The shield also as deployable cannons.

The shield can also be flipped around used as a weapons platform similar to the G1 toy. Very clever.

Comparison with the Siege version.

It’s a shame the Earthrise version has muted colors. The Siege version has a brighter shade of red.

Overall, a must have set! These two are some of the most iconic G1 Autobot characters and Hasbro made the Earthrise versions capture the G1 cartoon looks. The only downside is that these were released as Amazon exclusives during the Covid-19 pandemic and were made in limited quantities, with a lot of the pre-orders getting cancelled due to problems with production.


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