Transformers Earthrise Battle Masters Wave 2

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Transformers Earthrise Battle Masters Wave 2


Slitherfang is a the only new figure for Wave 2, his wave-mate is a reissue of Rung from the Siege line.


Slitherfangs are loyal to the Quintessons. Going by the Japanese Generations Selects timeline, they are created from fusing Smashdowns and Soundbarriers using Angolmois Energy (essentially, Dark Energon or Unicron’s energy)

It’s too bad the figure doesn’t have a lower jaw, it would look way better if its mouth was open.

Comes with blast effect piece.

Platform mode

Shield mode

Since it seems Selectors (Battle Masters) are not just one character but a whole race of human-created Transformers (at least in the Japanese comics continuity), there’s some army-building potential here. I might go for that if these go on sale one day….


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