Transformers Earthrise Battle Masters Wave 3

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Transformers Earthrise Battle Masters Wave 3

Doublecrosser is the only figure in this wave I think? Or at least the only new figure in this wave.


Doublecrosser is a two-headed Decepticon that can transform into a wall or a ramp, or a shield. In the Takara comics, there are actually several of them and they, like other Selectors, were created to serve humans. Later rebelling against the humans with help from the Decepticons.

His alt mode is a panel…. wow..

Seriously, this looks silly…

Blast effect can be pegged onto his shield/ ramp mode.

I guess he looks better functioning as a shield.

I think it seems this guy is the last Battle Master figure, as there hasn’t been any reveals for any new ones appearing in the Kingdom series. I guess that’s a wrap?


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