Transformers Earthrise Deluxe Class Arcee

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Transformers Earthrise Deluxe Class Arcee

Her map piece reads “Dominus”.

Probably the most recognizable female Autobot amongst the fans, Arcee is very protective of her fellow Autobots and usually plays “big sister” to Hot Rod and Daniel. In the IDW Comics continuity, she is a very, very ferocious and merciless warrior, skilled in both hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship. She also the sister of Galvatron in the IDW Comics universe (it’s complicated).

Part of her backpack can be removed.

Careful not to lose this spoiler piece, it unplugs very easily.

She looks a bit better with the bulky backpack removed.

She comes with her blaster weapon.

The weapon can be mounted on her butt in robot mode. Who approved this??

Really NOT liking the weird big sandal feet.

One good thing about the big feet, she can do this pose:

Her backpack can be used as a hoverboard of sorts.

Her feet plug into the two 3mm posts well enough, so the figure won’t fall off that easily.

I honestly don’t know, is the backpack supposed to be flatten or not when used as a board? It looks bad either way.

Her transformation practically designates the toy as a “shell-former”, some folks even decided to remove the pin on her primary backpack just to have a vehicle mode and robot mode displayed together.


Overall, not so good? I think I still prefer the Generations/ Legends series Arcee compared to this one. The lack of “lipstick” paint makes her face seem really off. I guess one good reason to get this would be that it scales better with the Netflix Elita-1 (I think?), or with Lifeline, the Paradron Medic from the two-pack with Ratchet.


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