Transformers Earthrise Deluxe Class Fasttrack

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Transformers Earthrise Deluxe Class Fasttrack

His map reads “Botropolis”.

Fasttrack is a support unit for Scorponok, similar to Cog for Fortress Maximus. His usual functions include maintenance of the massive city complex and as an interceptor unit for invading Autobots.

His “dagger” can be pegged onto the back of his shoulder.

His blasters can be plugged into his hands to recreate his G1 toy look.

Blasters can be mounted on his shoulders as well.

His shoulders lack a secondary hinge, so he can’t really raise his shoulders to the side without looking awkward.

The dagger can be plugged into the back to serve as a seat for Titan Masters like Zarak.

You can flip out this panel to use it as a connector to other Siege and Earthrise “bases”.

Fasttrack has a “hidden” function, he can transform into Scorponok’s Tyrant Spear.

The transformation, however, leaves his torso section with nowhere to go.

Like Cog and Brunt, Fasttrack is a Weaponizer, so he can be disassembled into his components.

Weaponizer mode.

In the Japanese Masterforce continuity, Fasttrack is a drone/ soldier unit/ Autobot cannon fodder that takes orders under Black Roritchi. Collectively, the drones are called Guardminders. I decided to grab some extra figures to round out the drones.

With their boss, Generations Selects Black Roritchi.

In the series, the Guardminders were just cannon fodder for the Autobots to fight and blow up near the end of the series. Numbering in the dozens. I just decided to stop at just four.


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