Transformers Earthrise Deluxe Class Hoist

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Transformers Earthrise Deluxe Class Hoist

Hoist’s star map reads “Junkion”

As the Autobot’s maintenance engineer, Hoist is the one in charge of doing the daily check-ups on his fellow Autobots, while Ratchet deals with the more severe repair cases. Always up-beat, Hoist spends his free time with his buddy, Grapple, on various build projects.

He comes with an arm cannon meant to recreate his missile arm in the G1 cartoon and toyline.

Vehicle mode

Cannon pegs onto his side in vehicle mode.

Just like the G1 toy, he comes with a deployable vehicle tow-bed, to carry broken down vehicles.

The tow-bed can actually connect to other Transformers base units, like Ironworks and Skylynx.

With his best bud, Grapple.

The Autobot’s best architectural design team (well.. technically, Hoist is just a maintenance engineer, but still, he’s a huge help to Grapple).

Overall, it’s an improvement over the previous Hoist from the Henkei line. It’s basically more show accurate but some parts of the toy can still be improved to make it look even more like his cartoon appearance (the color of the head for starters). I’m also not too crazy about the weathering paint used here (what gives?). The best part for me is that Hoist is very tall for a Deluxe Class figure.


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