Transformers Earthrise Deluxe Class Runabout

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Transformers Earthrise Deluxe Class Runabout

His map piece does not show any particular decodable information.

The other member of the Decepticon Battlecharger duo, Runabout is the calmer one between the two, but craves destruction all the same. He is actually terrified at the thought of boredom. The “twins” serve as Megatron’s shock troopers, charging in with nothing else in mind but to sow terror through sheer mayhem and rampage.

As he is a retool/ redeco of Runamuck, he still has his “classic” wheel heels like his fellow Battlecharger.

He comes with two weapons, one of which is a redeco of the weapon that came with Runamuck.

His weapons can combine to form a bigger weapon (high-energy particle beam rifle?).

Weapon can be mounted on the vehicle mode.

With his Battlecharger buddy, Runamuck.

This figure was a Target exclusive and never came out locally. I had to pay a bit more to get it from a specialty shop. I really am starting to get tired of having to pay premium to complete a “mass retail” line. Sigh.. still, the duo looks good together.


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