Transformers Earthrise Deluxe Class Wheeljack

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Transformers Earthrise Deluxe Class Wheeljack

Wheeljack’s star map reads “Antilla”.

As the Autobot team’s resident crackpot inventor, Wheeljack makes some of the most marvelous creations and tech for the Autobot cause, though sometimes things can get out of hand (Dinobots) or worse, give the Autobots trouble (Immobilizer ray).

Wheeljack’s only accessory is his shoulder launcher.

The launcher looks better viewed from the left, than from the right.

One thing that really bugs me is how the paint deco sticks out on the dorsal part of the hand in robot mode.

I also really wish they used brighter paint for his eyes, or use clear plastic light piping for them. They just seem so .. empty.

The shoulder launcher can be unplugged and used as a hand-held weapon.

Vehicle mode

The vehicle mode features a LOT of Easter eggs painted on the sides. Like the word “Cybertron” written in Japanese, the words Praxus and Iacon as well. Just be careful not to scratch the paint when handling him.

Shoulder launcher can be mounted on vehicle mode.

I’m not sure if I missed something, but the wheels don’t quite roll right, there seems to be friction on these sections on the underside of the vehicle mode.

Overall, great figure (friction in vehicle mode aside)! I love all the added paint details for the vehicle mode. The figure is a leap up from the previous version, which was just a retool of Tracks. I do wish they painted his eyes brighter and that he had some other weapon aside from just his shoulder launcher, but I really love this updated look for Wheeljack.


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