Transformers Earthrise Titan Class Scorponok

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Transformers Earthrise Titan Class Scorponok

Box is standard Titans Class. Measuring 24 x14.5 x 6 inches in dimension.

I love the cameos of various recognizable characters on the box.

Head and effects parts are located here:

While the shoulder cannons are located up top inside this section

Lastly, the shield is located on the bottom of the box here:

Like other Earthrise figures, he comes with a piece of the star map, which features Unicron.

Scorponok’s backpack requires some assembly, it hooks up like so:

The backpack can be removed again later on for storage.

Scorponok comes shipped with his feet folded in, remember to flip them out in robot mode to properly balance the figure.

Titan Master Zarak

Leader of the evil faction of the Nebulans, Zarak and his cronies have all but lost their organic bodies from old age, relying on machines to tend to their needs. Encountering the Transformers’ technology gave them new bodies to live again as Titan Masters

Head on!


Once connected to his transtector, Zarak can combine with the gigantic Scorponok.

In this form, the horns on Scorponok’s helmet requires some parts-forming to get into this position.

lol… Zarak looks really weird when you lift his chest plate up.

Scorponok head on!

Scorponok is the commander of the Decepticon Headmasters. Oppressive, manipulative and corruptive, Scorponok relishes in showing cruelty to others and loves to exploit those weaker than him. He is binary bonded to Lord Zarak, leader of the evil faction of the Nebulans. In the Japanese continuity, after Galvatron is finally defeated in Alaska by the Autobot Headmasters, Scorponok takes over command of the Decepticon forces.

Scorponok features an opening visor, so we can see his eyes underneath. Cool!

The ankle gaps can be bit off-putting. I’m really impressed the simple joint in the front can hold the weight of the figure so well.

His pincers are really big and have ratchet-jointed articulation.

Like the original toy, he comes with leg shields.

His only weapon accessory is his shield. I really wish Hasbro included his “Fusion-powered Anti-gravity Gun” too.

Instead, all Scorponok has to rely on for ranged weaponry are his Twin Pulse Blasters.

The set comes with three various blast effects parts.

Scorponok is big! He stands roughly 21.5 inches tall and weighs 2933 Grams.

Scorpion mode

Scorpion mode eats up a lot of shelf real estate, it spans roughly 24x 22 inches in dimension.

In scorpion mode, aside from his deadly pincers, Scorponok’s tail can fire 100,000 volt electric burst and his Twin Pulse Blasters finish off everything else in his path.

Battle station mode

You can place Zarak in the main section of the station.

There are tiny pegs for Titan Masters located here.

Titan Master Zarak’s transtector can be stored underneath the main section.

With Earthrise’s deluxe class Fasttrack.

Fasttrack is particularly fun to use in vehicle mode for Titan Master Zarak to roll around in like a boss!

Lastly, Fasttrack can form the Tyrant Spear for Scorponok in robot mode.

Ehh… not bad, but I still prefer Scorponok have a proper gun.

Originally, it was thought by many that he would just be a simple retool of Siege Omega Supreme. I am so glad that this was not the case.

Scorponok is a bit taller than Omega too.

Comparison with Titans Return Fortress Maximus.

Surprisingly, while Scorponok is smaller, Fortress Maximus clocks in at only 2827 Grams and is actually a bit lighter than Scorponok.


Overall, very, very impressive. I think he may well be my favorite Titan Class figure release yet! The robot mode is highly poseable and everything is a proper modern rendition of the classic Scorponok design, unlike Metroplex and Fortress Maximus, which were too stylized to represent their classic look.

I really do wish Scorponok came with his “Fusion-powered Anti-gravity Gun” though, he just seems bland having only the shield as a weapon, but aside from that, this guy is definitely a must have!


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