Transformers Earthrise Voyager Class Dirge and Ramjet

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Transformers Earthrise Voyager Class Dirge and Ramjet

Map piece. Doesn’t even come with the plastic baggie? There is nothing written on it to decode.


Dirge uses fear as a weapon on the battlefield, giving him an edge against his opponents. His engines are even tuned to a frequency to generate fear. His silent demeanor creeps out even those close to him, like Ramjet. Dirge can deploy concussion missiles against his enemies.

He comes with the same Null-ray blasters as the other Earthrise Seekers.

Sigh… unfortunately, he’s the same as Earthrise Skywarp, Hasbro gave him a “I can’t stop yelling” face sculpt.

Ramjet’s attack “strategy” usually involves him crashing into his target. He enjoys the thrill of bringing terror to the skies. His nosecone is reinforced to allow him to take head-on hits in jet mode. His specialty weapons are cluster bombs.

Like Skywarp and Thundercracker, this two-pack was an Amazon Exclusive and somewhat difficult to acquire. The set costing practically twice the actual SRP in a lot of instances.

With their Conehead Seeker pal, Thurst.

While the trio can be clearly seen crashing into Unicron’s mouth in the 1986 movie, they actually survived somehow and were still around during Season 3 of the USA series.


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