Transformers Earthrise Voyager Class Grapple

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Transformers Earthrise Voyager Class Grapple

Strangely, Grapple’s star map does not feature any highlighted location?

As the Autobot’s chief architect, Grapple’s designs for buildings are very impressive. He takes great pride in his creations, but he is prone to severe depression when his creations are destroyed in battle.

Grapple’s “rocket arm” is pegged onto the side of his backpack right out of the tray.

After you flip the fists around, you can then peg the “rocket arm” into position to make him G1 show accurate.

He comes with his blaster (Arc-Welder Rifle)

Lastly, Grapple comes with a claw for his vehicle’s crane mode. The claw isn’t articulated though.

The claw can be stowed on the side of his backpack.

Vehicle mode

The tip of his crane has a slot for connecting the claw.

Weapons can also be posted to his sides in vehicle mode.

With his best bud, Hoist.

The Autobot’s favorite architectural team (well.. technically, Hoist is just a maintenance engineer, but still, he’s a huge help to Grapple).

Overall, pretty decent. The transformation is very, very reminiscent of his G1 toy, which was a nice throwback. The figure looks good but a part of me wishes it was a bit more chunkier, like the G1 toy, but it is a good step up from the old Henkei version of Grapple in terms of G1 show accuracy.


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