Transformers Earthrise Voyager Class Quintesson Judge

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Transformers Earthrise Voyager Class Quintesson Judge

His map reads “Quintessa”.

Attaching the spare faces is very tricky, it involves placing them in position and then pushing them UPWARDS so they lock in. Not really user friendly there, Hasbro.

Each Quintesson Judge has 5 faces, all reflecting the alternate aspects of his personality. Even though they behave uniquely, they are all the faces of one just individual, and not five individuals stuck in one body (which I always thought was the case way back when I was a kid).


Anger/ Wrath

Laughter/ Wit

Bitterness/ Wisdom

Doubt/ Judgment

The toy has a cool action feature, pushing this trigger will spin the faces around, just like in the cartoon.

He comes with a pistol that you can plug into the pegs on his tentacles.

To better help aim and pose his tentacle holding the pistol, you can plug the side of the tentacle to his body.

Because he’s a judge, the highest rank in the Quintesson society, he comes with his own booster seat.

The pistol can also be stored underneath his seat.

The center dome of his body can be pulled out to reveal a jail cell for Micromasters and Battle Masters to be captured in.

His “levitation beam” can be detached by pushing on the release trigger on its side. You can then plug it into the dome for storage in alt mode.

Prison tower alt mode.

The pistol can be mounted on the cell.

This section is weird (or lazy), the center dome now just balances there in the middle when its in alt mode, with nothing to lock onto.

I didn’t have time to dig out the Titans Return Gnaw/ Sharkticon figures, so this will have to do for now.

“Guilty or Innocent?”



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