Transformers Earthrise Voyager Class Snapdragon

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Transformers Earthrise Voyager Class Snapdragon

His map piece reads “Biosphera”.

Titan Master Krunk

Krunk is the vicious bodyguard of the Nebulan leader Lord Zarak.

Head On!

Snapdragon is lazy, temperamental and impossible to motivate into battle. Prefers to spend his time bathing in putrid grease pits or pools of fuel from the bodies of his fallen enemies than engage in combat. But when he does join the fray, his strength and rage are almost impossible to match.

Hmm, I wish he came with bigger feet.

It’s too bad his elbows don’t fold up to 90 degrees due to limited clearance.

He comes with his “Balance Destroying Gyro-guns”.

Fighter jet mode

Krunk can ride inside the c0ckpit. But do be careful as there have been issues with the canopy cracking easily if not handled with care, due to the nature of the clear plastic.

Reptile beast mode

With his fellow Horrorcon and Decepticon thug, Apeface.

Krunk and Spasma

These two are the only guys that can stand each other, as both are Decepticon thugs that serve Zarak/ Scorponok loyally without question. Even other Decepticons can’t stand to be around this obnoxious and creepy dynamic duo.


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