Transformers Encore 20A Devastator -Anime Colors Version

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Transformers Encore 20A Devastator -Anime Colors Version

Box comparison with the regular Encore #20. The best way to distinguish which is which is by locating the new Devastator head on the 20A box.

Ironically, the 20A’s box depicts Devastator in a lighter shade of green, when the opposite is true of the toy. Go figure.

Apart from the change in colors, the only difference is the new head for Devastator. I was expecting new heads for the Constructicons too, but no. It’s impressive how properly applied paint on the faces can make the toy look exactly like the cartoon characters.

Comparisons (Encore 20A versions on the right)

Long Haul



Bone Crusher

Mix Master


Comparison with the Original

Definitely an improvement over the first version. I’m not sure if I want to keep the original Encore 20 for nostalgia’s sake or just sell it.

Here’s the pic of 20A with Junkion Blacksmith parts.

The thighs look a bit off though.


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