Transformers Encore Beast Wars Neo C-35 Big Convoy

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Transformers Encore Beast Wars Neo C-35 Big Convoy

I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen a TF figure come in shrink wrapped. I guess it must be to keep the moving plates from becoming misaligned and making it unsightly in the box.

The beast mode features some cool action gimmicks similar to the original toy. Pressing on this button will raise the trunk on the beast mode.

While pulling back the ears will raise the tusks.

Big Convoy is the leader of the Maximals in the Japanese-based Transformers Beast Wars Neo. He is often touted as a “one man army” due to his skill and firepower. This Encore version features deco that better matches the cartoon colors.

In the series, Big Convoy is actually antisocial and prefers to work alone (he is very different from the usual “friendly Autobot leader”). It is only when he is assigned a team of greenhorn recruits to join in the search for the missing Lio Convoy, that he learns the value of teamwork and friendship through their various adventures.

Hmm for some reason, the right mammoth leg skirt plate keeps popping off on my unit. Kind of annoying.

Big Convoy stands roughly 8.5 inches tall (counting the top of his tusks in robot mode).

The Big Cannon can be removed from the port.

Big Cannon!

Big cannon can also be deployed in his beast mode. Called the Mammoth Tank mode.

He also comes with a pair of tonfas that are hidden in his forearms.

Big Convoy also has Mammoth Haken missiles in his leg plates.

Last but not least, Big Convoy comes with a removable Matrix of Leadership (I think his original toy was the first to incorporate such a gimmick).

He can also hold his Matrix to boot!


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