Transformers EX Gokin EX-TF03 Optimus Prime

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Transformers EX Gokin EX-TF03 Optimus Prime

I’m not entirely sure, but I think the figure’s head draws inspiration heavily from the Manga (drawn by artist Tsushima Naoto) rather than the G1 Sunbow Productions cartoons.

The smokestacks are actual pipes. .

Matrix of Leadership

Man! Is it small!!! I think the scale for this one is really off.

Energon Axe


Gokin Prime weighs 372 Grams. Pretty heavy.

Thanks to some expanding joints in the groin and thighs, you can pose Prime almost squatting down.

Display base

With Alpha Trion (I think this scale is right, Prime was taller than Alpha in the cartoons).

With G1 (New Year’s) Prime.

Overall I really, really like this figure and highly recommend it. It’s posey and heavy with lots of diecast (in the lower legs top half of the torso) sort of the equivalent of holding an Optimus Prime a la SOC Mazinger Z. It feels solid and really stands out. A heck of an improvement from Alpha Trion in terms of poseability and diecast content.

I think there’s an upcoming Elita-1 and God Ginrai in the line too. Hmm… I’m now seriously thinking if I should grab the EX-002 Grimlock.


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