Transformers Fansproject Crossfire 2 ~ Bruticus upgrade parts – Part 2

Transformers Fansproject Crossfire 2 – Bruticus upgrade parts – Part 2

Using the Hasbro boxsets of Bruticus Maximus and Energon’s Barricade (Onslaught) as the templates for building Bruticus, the addition of Fansproject’s Blast Off and Swindle complete the Combaticon team!

The weapons and parts that form Bruticus are all used across the Combaticon team in both robot and vehicle modes. Nothing is wasted, most impressive.



Comparison with the Energon single pack Deluxe Onslaught.

I’ll be using the Energon Onslaught since the color is closer to the G1 character.

You can open up his “shoulder pads” to reveal missile pods.

Rocket base mode

The main drawback here is that in robot mode you can see Bruticus’ head now.

Combaticons Together!

Time to change your Bruticus from this :

To this!

A head swap will be required though. Pay extra attention to the manual on how to store the head in Onslaught’s vehicle mode (the antennae will break if you’re reckless)

Fully assembled, Colossus (aka Bruticus) stands roughly 10.5 Inches tall, with the cannons going up to 12.5 Inches when vertical.

Fansproject even included ratchet-jointed ankles for the feet.


Sword can be mounted on his left forearm

Shoulder Cannons

Grenade launcher and beam machine guns combine to form rifles.

Rifles can be stored on the backpack

Anti-Material Rifle

For those curious, here’s how he looks like with the “blue” Onslaught

I think the grey version suits it better in Bruticus mode.

Overall, a great figure! It really added so much to the bland Hasbro release. But it’s not without it’s flaws. The skirt plates keep falling off and the backpack occasionally pops off too (I think the peg spacing is off by a Millimeter). Likewise, the right wrist is a bit limp due to a design limitation. Darn.

I hope they do upgrades for Devastator and hopefully release “original versions” of Defensor and Menasor.


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