Transformers Fansproject Protector (Rodimus Prime)

Transformers Fansproject Protector (Rodimus Prime)

Cannon mode.

Tank mode (needs Sidearm figure to complete the “tank mode”)


Sadly, thanks to design constraints, Roller can’t be launched through the back of the trailer.

Two types of gun mount holes.

Rodimus’ “flame” can also be attached to “Roller”

Arise Rodimus Pri… erm, uhm.. “Protector”.

Protector’s gun is actually an add-on to the Hot Rodimus figure’s gun and not a stand-alone accessory.

With Fansproject City Commander (Ultra Magnus)

Now I realize that the size is off, but then again, to be fair Magnus is a Voyager class figure and I think Fansproject was going for a scale that would look good next to Voyager Class Optimus Prime.

There’s also a “handshake” accessory for the Primes. Takes a bit of figuring out how to properly plug it as it’s not shown in the manual.

Wow, looking at this comparison, Fansproject really needs to make a Galvatron worthy of this “Rodimus”. The deluxe figure looks wimpy next to Rodimus now.


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