Transformers Fansproject Shadow Commander Nemesis Prime

Transformers Fansproject Shadow Commander Nemesis Prime

Trailer mode

Opening tailgate

The trailer connects to the cab (Nemesis Prime) through this peg.

Ok admittedly, in most of the following pics I “painted” the eyes on Shadow Commander using Photoshop to give him more presence. I think it worked.

Arise Shadow Commander!

Once combined with the Armor, Nemesis Prime stands about 8-9 Inches tall.

A large section of the trailer actually becomes a huge gun for the Shadow Commander.

The Shadow Commander set also comes with an Energy sword (the sword isn’t present in the Ultra Magnus set).

With the armor on, Nemesis Prime just towers over Optimus!

With Megatron

Other fun tidbits:

His left foot has a flip out plate, which “conceals” the license plates, the plate sticker application is optional.

Optional face plate, “unmasked” mode, similar to Ultra Magnus’ faceplate.

Overall, a great add on to a decent, I actually had a lot of fun with this piece (for 4500PhP).

The armor connections are solid! The plastic feels solid. The only problem is the way the leg armor “snaps” into place but it’s no biggie given how solid the plastic feels it looks like it can handle the stress up to over a hundred transformations in that area.


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