Transformers Fansproject TFX-01J DIA Commander Armor Optimus Prime

Transformers Fansproject TFX-01J DIA Commander Armor Optimus Prime


A little background on the TF Con controversy – Originally. this armor set was said to be only exclusive at the recent TFCon 09(this is different from Botcon), prices shot up to as high as $300 online after the event, then Fansproject went and announced that they were making a chromed version for the Asian market, this angered some fans who bought the expensive version online. Fansproject quickly apologized and mentioned that apart from the chrome, the plastic color will also be different to match the Henkei darker red and blue colors.

Tailgate opens to reveal rocket launchers.



For the unfamiliar, the reason why the armor is called DIA, is that the colors are based off the vintage “Diaclone” Ultra Magnus, this color scheme for Ultra Magnus also briefly appeared in an animated TV commercial prior to Hasbro/Takara making a running change to the color into the Ultra Magnus we know today.


Shoulder rockets

As far as I can tell, the missiles don’t shoot.

Flip up license plates (applying the sticker “license plate” is optional)

My biggest complaint is right here:

For whatever reason, the hole here is too big, the windvane rifle can’t be attached, does anyone else have this problem? I didn’t encounter this with the Shadow Commander Armor.

With the Nemesis Prime Shadow Commander set.

Interchangable weapons!

“Your selfish rampage ends today, Nemesis Prime!”

The end for Nemesis Prime…?


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